Return Your Old Bottles

Send us your empty bottles and we'll reuse them!

We use glass packaging for all our products because glass protects our cosmetics the best. It is the most hygienic and does not transfer toxins to the contents, as well as being very easy to recycle and reuse.

If you would like to give our packaging a new lease of life yourself, you can find tips on what to do with the bottles here.

If your empty PURE SKIN FOOD bottles are piling up, you now have the option of sending them back to us from Austria and Germany. Bottles with roll-ons (Lush Eyebrows & Stunning Eyes Beauty Oil) are the exception to this. Please rinse the bottles with hot water if they have been hanging around for a while.

The first step is to collect 7 PURE SKIN FOOD bottles

1. Then write a message to our customer care team and ask for a return label for returning bottles.

2. With the return label you can send back your 7 used bottles free of charge. Of course you are more than welcome to send more than 7 - also free of charge!

3. When we have received the bottles, we will send you a voucher for €5 as a thank you.

We will use the returned bottles in our product development.

Help us to save valuable resources: Collect your empty bottles, send them back to us and receive a voucher as a thank you!