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Food That Fights Acne & Impurities

A proper skincare regime helps get impurities under control on the outside but what we put into our bodies also plays a vital role in ensuring our skin is in tip-top shape.

Vegan, Natural & Organic Cosmetics - What Does It All Mean?

So you've decided to change-over to plant-based cosmetics and naturally, you purchase cosmetics labelled "plant-based ". Makes sense, doesn't it? Regretfully, labels tend to divert us from what is really listed in the ingredients - It's not always...

Toxins in Cosmetics

Not all substances listed among the ingredients found in conventional cosmetics is bad just because it carries a chemical name. But some are indeed harmful: this is the greatest cosmetic industry drawback.

Layer Skincare System: How To

Beautiful skin is a sign of health and well-being. Take a few minutes out of your day to pamper your skin with this amazing skincare routine!