Skin & Mental Health: How Stress Effects Your Complexion

Skin & Mental Health: How Stress Effects Your Complexion

You had a stressful week and your skin is acting up? That's not unusual! After all, our skin often reflects how we are feeling.


Symptoms such as dry skin, pimples, or red patches can signal that you need to take a little more care of yourself. Stress has a negative effect on the skin and can also cause hormonal changes.

Some people experience redness on their faces when they are nervous. These patches usually disappear again quite quickly, but it shows how much and especially how quickly well-being can affect your skin!

Stress can also intensify existing irritations: If you tend to suffer from acne, for example, it can increase during a stressful exam week or during a busy week at work.

Stress can even cause dry skin: It can affect the lipid layer so that moisture is lost more easily and the skin dries out. This can manifest itself as flaky and dry patches, for example on your cheeks and chin.

Itching or skin rashes can also be caused by stress. Whether you're under pressure at work or suffering from a lack of sleep - stress uses up energy, so make sure to recharge your batteries regularly!

Maybe you've already noticed that you get spots or red skin just before big events - just when you want to look your best!

What you can do about it:

Plan in advance!

We recommend regular deep-cleansing facial masks a few weeks before important occasions to prepare the skin and prevent blemishes.

Less is more!

Our skin can also be stressed by too many ingredients or beauty products. Less is often more! Rebuild your skin barrier by using natural products.

We recommend our organic Toning Moisturiser Calming Chamomile and our Organic Fragrance Free Beauty Oil For Sensitive Skin: They help to get irritated and sensitive skin looking its best again!

Of course, if you have more serious skin problems, make sure to consult a doctor first.

Keep your life in balance

Too many appointments at work, too many commitments in your private life - "too much" is never good, no matter what!

If you have a stressful week at the office, consciously take time for regeneration in the evenings and on weekends: try to relax, read a good book, order your favourite meal instead of cooking - rest and recharge your batteries for the next day.

Especially around holidays, such as Christmas or Easter, many people often overload themselves: You want to buy presents for the children, you need to visit your parents and in-laws - and then there was that cake you promised to bake.

Remember to put yourself first occasionally - don't worry, your family & friends will like you even when you say no - even if it's just for the sake of your complexion!

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