Our Philosophy: Holistically Sustainable

Sustainable Spirit: Our Planet Means The World To Us

Our footprint is made of love, not carbon

Our holistically sustainable philosophy can be summarised in one short sentence: We want what's best for our skin, your skin and our planet. Therefore:

  • We only use 100% certified organic raw materials
  • Our packaging is made of recyclable glass bottles
  • We operate in a climate-conscious manner
  • We ship our products in plastic-free packaging
  • in a CO2-neutral manner through our cooperating partners within Austria, Germany and Switzerland

The product range is lovingly made with expert knowledge in our factory located in Styria, Austria.

As a company, we are aware of our ecological and social responsibilities. We are massive supporters of organic agriculture because natural resources are conserved and protected whilst the fertility of the soil is not stimulated with the help of harmful chemicals. Furthermore, organic farming is more climate-friendly than conventional farming. Not only are we able to avoid toxins and pesticide residues by utilising 100% organic ingredients, but we are also supporting organic farming worldwide.

Environmentally harmful ingredients, such as palm oil, are not found in our product formulas.

Raw ingredients are sourced from co-operatives, where possible. Fair working conditions and compensation is of utmost importance. The large majority of our raw materials are sourced directly from Europe in areas where working conditions and wages are well regulated.

Not only are our product formulas 100% organic, but we also use sustainable packaging.

Our products are housed in glass bottles and glass jars which can be upcycled and reused when empty. Take a look at our magazine to find ways on how you can reuse your empty PURE SKIN FOOD glass containers.

Unlike plastic, glass does not emit harmful substances (such as softening agents) into the contents that it is housing, which would essentially end up on the skin. Recycling cartons with plant-based ink are used as outer packaging material. Our labels are vegan, too.

Even our materials used for shipping are recycled and plastic-free with an innovative glue-free feature. We use CO2-neutral shipping for Austria and Switzerland. We are working on offering these shipping methods to other countries as well.

As you can already tell, we are sustainable idealists that manufacture products that correspond to our high standards. What about you?