FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our products, how to use them or how they work? Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about PURE SKIN FOOD products here!

What is the shelf life of my PURE SKIN FOOD product?

You can find the best-before date on a sticker on the base of your product or as a stamp on the packaging. The Toning Moisturisers have a shelf life of at least 9 months from production, Facial Masks at least 12 months and Facial & Body Oils about 14 months. However, the best-before date is only a guideline - if you store your products correctly and the scent is unchanged you can use many products for longer. Once a product has been opened, we recommend using it up within approx. 3 months.

As we do not use any synthetic preservatives or similar, your product can eventually go off. But don't worry, you smell this immediately with natural products! To help your product keep for longer, avoid exposing your PURE SKIN FOOD products to high temperatures, e.g. by leaving them in the car in summer or in your beach bag.

I have bought/been given a skincare set or all you need set by PURE SKIN FOOD. In what order should I use the products?

Our multitasking layering system is easier to use than it sounds:
1. Step: Cleanse with Organic Cleansing & Detox Oil following the oil cleansing method
2. Step: Apply the correct Toning Moisturiser for your skin type
3. Step: Use your chosen Face Oil

It is important to first spray on the toner and then massage the face oil directly onto the still-damp skin. This way, the face oil can be absorbed well and your skin benefits the most from the ingredients. You can find more detailed information about how to use the products here.

The face oil is not absorbing and stays on my skin. What am I doing wrong?

Don't worry! If you feel the oil isn't absorbing properly, here's a simple trick: first spray a Toning Moisturiser on your face. Then apply 2 or 3 drops of face oil directly to your damp skin and massage it in. The toner's moisture will draw the oil's nourishing ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin - giving you a matte, velvety and nourished complexion!

Why don't you make creams?

Creams consist of water- and oil-based ingredients and you need emulsifiers to keep them mixed together. However, these same emulsifiers can also have a negative impact on our skin barrier. That is why we do not use emulsifiers. By combining Toning Moisturiser & Face Oil, you are basically mixing a cream directly on your face.
Also, cream jars where you reach in with your fingers are extremely unhygienic. Without synthetic preservatives, bacteria would easily spread.

Do you really not use any preservatives? How does that work with natural cosmetics?

Not only is our packaging hygienic to use but we also include natural ingredients with strong antioxidant properties, such as rosemary extract, which act as a natural preservative.

Why does my skin react after application?

It might take time for your skin to get used to the switch from conventional skincare products to natural cosmetics. When your skin has been constantly confronted with certain ingredients its own protective barrier no longer works as well and, for example, your skin has difficulty regulating sebum production.
PURE SKIN FOOD products rebuild your skin barrier and boost its protective function. Sometimes this takes a few days! We recommend that you give your skin at least 1 week to get used to the new treatment. If you notice any irritations or allergic reactions, please contact us immediately. We will be happy to help and advise you individually!

Are there essential oils in my PURE SKIN FOOD product?

Most of our products contain essential oils because they can be of great value, which you can discover more about here. If you have sensitive skin and/or want to avoid essential oils, we recommend our Organic Fragrance Free Beauty Oil for Sensitive Skin, which is free from perfume & essential oils, making it particularly gentle on the skin.

Are there any free testers/samples?

We only use the highest quality, certified organic ingredients in our products. Our shop provides detailed information on which products are suitable for which skin type. If you are unsure, you can contact us at any time and we will be happy to help you find the right product! We will also find a solution if you don't react well to a product. Sending small free samples by post would be expensive and not good for the environment. If you want to test a product, you can find retailers near you who stock PURE SKIN FOOD here.

How much powder do I need for a face mask?

Our Face Masks come in powder form so you can create the consistency that is right for you: Mix about 1 tsp of the powder with a little water or your favourite Toning Moisturiser. The consistency should be creamy so that the mask is easy to apply and sticks to your skin. Depending on how thick you want the mask to be and what you mix it with (e.g. yoghurt instead of water or toner or a few drops of facial oil), the ratio of powder to liquid will change. As a guideline, we can say that a 60 ml container is enough for about 10 face masks.

Are your products suitable for use during pregnancy?

Essential oils in pregnancy are a tricky subject. You should avoid highly irritating and/or stimulating oils such as cinnamon if you are pregnant. If you have been using a product for a long time, we recommend that you test it on a small area on your chin. Often your sense of smell changes when you are pregnant, meaning you no longer like certain scents. However, since this is very individual, the best thing to do is to try for yourself. If products are not recommended for use during pregnancy, you will find a note to this effect in our product texts. Our Can't wait to meet you Organic Belly Oil is one great option for pregnancy: it nourishes the skin and increases elasticity, helping to prevent stretch marks. Massages also strengthen the bond between mum & baby even before birth!

Do you have further questions?

How to reach us:
1. Simply ask your question about a particular product directly on the product page in our shop in the Questions & Answers section. You will also find questions from other customers so the answer you're looking for may even be already there.
2. Send us your question by email at office@pureskinfood.net or use the contact form on our website
3. Feel free to write us a social media message directly via Instagram or Facebook.

We look forward to hearing from you!