Our Ingredients

Ingredients matter: Less is More

Our skin is our biggest organ. It is a vital part of the body that shields us against harmful influences. Cosmetics can contribute to healthy skin or damage the skin. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious about the types of ingredients you apply to the skin.

Cosmetic products are absorbed (or reabsorbed) into the skin. In some instances, they penetrate the bloodstream. Parabens, for example, settle on the organs.

We do not want to expose ourselves to any health risks. Therefore, we forego any form of ingredient that may be dubious or alarming. If you agree, then our products are perfect for you!

All ingredients found in our cosmetic products should not harm the body nor the environment.

No Nonsense

The following ingredients are NOT found in our products:

  • synthetically manufactured chemicals, including preservatives, emulsifiers, perfume, ...
  • petroleum-derived products, such as paraffin, vaseline or microplastics
  • alcohol - because it dehydrates the skin
  • palm oil - which is a cheap filling agent
  • animal-derived by-products
  • PEGs, SLS, aluminium, ... (neverending extendible list of chemical nonsense, that is used in conventional cosmetics)

We do not perform animal testing!

Carcinogenic, allergenic, mutagenic - no, thank you! We are setting a new standard in natural cosmetics:

100% Pure and Natural

We believe, that all ingredients needed for high-performance, healthy cosmetics can be found in nature. Therefore, we only utilise certified organic, natural and pure effective plant-based ingredients in our formulas. Without compromise! You can be sure of that!

Next Level Organic

Our ingredients are 100% certified organic because we avoid pesticide residues whilst supporting organic agriculture. Conventional and synthetic additives are avoided entirely. This is what makes our fresh cosmetics so unique - it is always what makes the skin happy!

Pure Plant Power

Selected plant essences and high-quality, cold-pressed oils pamper the skin on a whole new level. Our unique 2-phase system enables us to forego synthetic additives, such as preservatives emulsifies, entirely in order to offer a new kind of fresh, organic cosmetics.

Our products are purely botanical and plant-based - Animals are in no way harmed or tested on, either.

The careful processing of raw materials guarantees maximum nutrient content and effectiveness. Our balanced product formulas ensure that your skin is all it needs to restore glow.

Where possible, we source raw materials that are fairly produced and trades, such as our cold-pressed Organic Argan Oil, that is produced by women's co-operative in Morocco, or our reusable Cleansing Pads and accessories that are manufactured in an inclusive workshop in Cusco, Peru. The hearing-impaired women that work there are trained to be seamstresses.

We are also proud of the fact that all our products are climate-neutral and are manufactured in south-east Styria, Austria.

We would be thrilled if you would share your enthusiasm for sustainable, organic and vegan products with us!