A Natural Active Ingredient Complex In Place Of Mono Active Ingredients

A Natural Active Ingredient Complex In Place Of Mono Active Ingredients

Mono-active ingredients such as vitamin C or retinol serums are currently very popular. However, we prefer to use 100% herbal ingredients of natural origin that can offer your skin an unparalleled complex of active ingredients.


You've probably noticed that so-called mono-active ingredients are becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetics world. Many brands advertise their use of isolated ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E or retinol in their products. Although these substances are indeed very effective, they are unfortunately often synthetically produced in a lab.

A good analogy would be the difference between fast food and healthy eating - while fast food fills you up faster, it doesn't provide as many different nutrients as a freshly prepared and balanced meal.

That's why we prefer a holistic strategy: We use 100% plant-based ingredients of natural origin.

So instead of adding synthetically extracted, pure vitamin E to a product, we prefer to use argan oil, which is rich in vitamin E - but also contains many other valuable active ingredients including vitamins A and B, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, a high proportion of oleic acid, vegetable flavonoids and many more... It's win-win, so to speak. Plus, skin can absorb ingredients from nature much better than synthetic ingredients.

We also believe less is more: For us, you never need more than three to four products for your skincare routine. Some other brands work with a layering system that uses any number of mono-ingredient products in a row.

It's also better for the environment: You don't have to use dozens of different products in a row. And it's better for you: Skin benefits from several ingredients at once!

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