How To Combat Dry, Blemished Skin

How To Combat Dry, Blemished Skin

Contrary to popular belief, dry skin can lead to blemishes and impurities. In today's article, we're shining a light on why this is the case and how this can be avoided.


What exactly is dry skin?

We're all familiar with the symptoms linked to dry skin: tautness and itchiness. Worst case scenario, dry skin can lead to flakiness. The root of the problem can either have genetic or external causes. Either way, the skin barrier plays a pivotal role because it is the outer layer of skin that acts as a natural shield against harmful environmental factors as well as preventing moisture loss.

When the skin produces too little sebum or it's being cleansed using aggressive agents that strip the natural oils from the surface the skin barrier is compromised, resulting in the inability of moisture storage. The outcome is dry skin.

Blackheads & spot formation on dry skin

The assumption that blackheads and spots only form as a result of oily skin is still a widespread notion that is not entirely accurate. Reason being that dry skin poses the perfect breeding ground for the formation of impurities:

1. The body attempts to balance moisture loss

The more oil and fat is stripped from the skin, the more the skin tries to make up for it by producing more. Cleansing products that dry and mattify the skin often have the opposite effect. Long story short: when the skin is parched it produces more sebum that is unable filter out through the pores. This causes skin impurities which are worsened by continuing the use of such cleansers - a downward spiral ensues.

2. Toxins are absorbed by the skin more easily

As previously mentioned, a skin barrier that is compromised causes dry skin. Not only does it result in moisture loss but also allows toxins and other unwanted harmful substances to be absorbed by the skin, including the Propionibacterium acnes which causes skin impurities.

Beauty routine for dry & blemished skin

It is essential to avoid products that could lead to skin becoming even drier and instead opt for formulas that strengthen the skin barrier to restore its moisture storage abilities. Stay clear of aggressive cleansers and other skincare products, especially if they contain alcohol or tensides such as sodium lauryl sulphate. Cleansing oils are a great choice as these remove dirt reliably, nourish the skin and do not inhibit the skin barrier. Moisturisers that do not dehydrate the skin but instead are rich in high-quality plant oils should be used because they do not compromise the skin barrier nor encourage sebum production. This is the secret behind the often mattifying effect of plant oils for skincare. They are absorbed by the skin to restore its equilibrium.

In order for plant oils to be most effective, they should be applied to slightly damp skin. Our organic layering system is the perfect solution for supplying your skin with needed moisture. Cleanse the skin with our Cleansing Oil and follow with a few pumps of a skin appropriate Toning Moisturiser. Lock in the moisture with one of our nourishing and Organic Face Oils. Our Beauty Booster contains magnolia and argan oil which can be replaced by a face oil when you need an extra moisture boost. What's more, the Beauty Boost supplies the skin with antioxidants such as vitamin E, and unsaturated fatty acids. Skin impurities and dryness don't stand a chance when following our easy layering system technique.

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