Yeah, We're CO2-Neutral!

We're proud to officially announce:

Our production is certified CO2-neutral since 2018 - because we care about protecting the climate which forms part of our corporate responsibility.

At PURE SKIN FOOD only organically certified, purely plant-based raw materials are used. In doing so, we have set a new standard of quality within the beauty industry. In contrast to conventional farming, organic agriculture emits 30% less CO2 emissions on average (Source: BOKU). Another milestone has been reached in achieving a neutral carbon footprint when it comes to our production processes, which pleases us tremendously.

There is No Planet B - Act Now

We only have one planet. Due to shockingly increasing amounts of CO2 emissions and exploitation of the planet's resources, the Earth Overshoot Day (the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year) is occurring even earlier this year.

It is our joint vision, both that of our company NoPlant B LLC and the brand that is PURE SKIN FOOD, to provide holistic and sustainable alternatives, thinking ahead of the times and changing the status quo of the industry.

Our 3 Pillars for Climate Neutrality

In order to achieve our climate neutrality goals we have developed a sustainability strategy based on our 3 pillars:

1. Prevention

The best CO2 emissions are the ones that are not produced at all, therefore, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint. With our newly constructed, energy-efficient production facility and warehouse as well as the use of electrical cars and green electricity sourced from our photovoltaic system we are well on track.

The partners that we choose to cooperate with are selected based on their sustainability and eco-friendly production practices. For instance, in Austria and in Switzerland the shipping of packages is also climate-neutral.

2. Reduction

We search for ways to reduce CO2 emission where they cannot be avoided and do our best to keep these emissions to a minimum:

  • Sustainable construction with high energy efficiency and the use of renewable materials such as wood
  • Devices with the highest energy efficiency
  • Yearly public transports tickets for members of staff
  • Heating and cooling for our sites are covered by a biogas
  • Plastic-free, environmentally friendly shipping materials with artificial glue-free adhesion
  • Conscientious recycling of waste and recyclables
  • Largely local and organic produced used to prepare the food for the staff

3. Compensation

Where emissions that cannot be avoided, we take the opportunity to support eco-social projects that we consider to be very useful and that make a major contribution to reducing overall emissions in the long run. This year, we are pleased to be supporting the Helioz project in Bangladesh.

Fresh, drinking water is not readily available in many regions in Bangladesh. The water needs to be boiled first which brings with it all kinds of downsides:

  • firewood needs to be gathered which leads to deforestation
  • CO2 emissions are expelled when boiling the water
  • women, in particular, need to invest a lot of time gathering wood
  • many people, especially children, experience respiratory problems due to constant smoke present in the house

Helioz joined forces with WADI to develop a low-cost, solar-powered device that safe sterilises contaminated drinking water. Water-borne diseases, such as cholera or polio, can thus be avoided. In addition, Helioz is making an important contribution to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through these types of projects in Bangladesh and many other countries.


Now is the time to act and become active in implementing climate protection goals. We are proud to be climate-neutral since 2018. Each one of us can contribute to climate change. We care, do you?