The Myth of "Comedogenic Oils" and How They Work

The Myth of "Comedogenic Oils" and How They Work

Comedogenic oils are known to clog pores and cause blackheads. And yet not all comedogenic oils are bad. A comedogenic oil can also help with blemished skin. Read on and we'll tell you how!


You may have heard the terms “comedogenic” or “degree of comedogeneity” when discussing the classification of oils in facial care, but do you really know what it means when an oil is called comedogenic? We'll tell you why comedogenic oils are not bad per se and what you should really pay attention to.

What does comedogenic actually mean?

The term comedogenic comes from comedone, which means blackheads. That is, it describes the property of causing blackheads. Since these occur normally when the pores are clogged, comedogenic means that the oil used virtually closes the pores.

First of all, it is important to say that there are many wonderful vegetable oils that have anti-inflammatory properties, for example, and yet are also comedogenic. These include, for example, olive or coconut oil.

The immediate demonisation of all comedogenic oils would, however, be wrong. As said above, comedogenic oils can have other effective properties for certain skin types. So it is important to weigh things up and, as always, the best thing to do is to try it out!

How you react to comedogenic oils is also very individual. "The same oil can cause more blemishes in one person than another," said Dr. Nicole Doyle, our chemist and product developer. Comedogenic oils simply cause blemishes in more people than non-comedogenic oils.

When used correctly, comedogenic oils do have benefits

A case in which comedogenic oils are good for your skin would be, for example, with dry & mature skin: Cocoa butter, wheat-germ oil or coconut oil are often recommended because they are particularly rich and provide the skin with moisture. A non-comedogenic oil cannot do that.

"In low concentrations, you can even use comedogenic oils for blemished skin," said Dr Doyle. It is important to pay attention to the overall recipe and to keep an eye on the desired effect. Our Cleansing & Detox Oil, for example, also contains some non-drying oils in its composition, which support cleansing and care. However, since it is removed after facial cleansing, for example with a reusable cleaning pad, it cannot clog the pores permanently. So the benefits depend on the skin type, the desired effect and the targeted and correct use of comedogenic oils.

As always, the following applies here: To find the optimal care combination for your skin, it's best to test yourself slowly and find your favourite products! On our website, you can start, for example, by displaying all the products for your skin type and browsing through the descriptions and ratings!

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