Ingredient Pick of the Week: Cactus Pear Seed Oil

Ingredient Pick of the Week: Cactus Pear Seed Oil

Cactus pear seed oil is a luxurious botanical oil equipped to lock in moisture for a delicate and velvety skin feel.


Cactus pear seed oil is a luxurious oil and accounts for one of the most expensive oils due to the complex production process and being uniquely effective as a natural anti-aging treatment. The oil is extracted from the seeds of the cactus pear. The fruits are only harvested once a year. One tonne of cactus pears is required for one litre of cactus pear oil. The tiny pips are removed, cleaned and dried after which they are ready for mechanical cold-pressing.

Anti-Aging Secret

Precious native cactus pear seed oil contains a host of active ingredients that replenish the skin, encourages a rejuvenated appearance and lend the complexion an elegant shimmer. It leaves behind a unmatchably velvety skin feel. A blend of vitamins and an immensely high degree of unsaturated fatty acids are responsible for the oil being a naturally highly effective anti-aging complex. Cactus pear seed oil is rich in tocopherols, antioxidants and chlorophyll. It has the following benefits:

  • accelerates cell renewal
  • reduces the appearance of wrinkles and prevents the formation thereof
  • strengthens the lipid protection of the skin
  • reduces dark circles and pigmentary abnormalities
  • intensively moisturising
  • supports intensive moisture storage
  • improves the structure of the skin in the long run

Cactus pear seed oil is rich in nutrients and boosts the well-being of all skin types, especially skin that is dry, very dry and mature.

It is essential to look out for oil that is of high quality. Unfortunately, cheaper versions such as cactus pear blossom il or cactus pear macerate do not offer the same positive effects. It took us a while to source the quality oil found in our Liquid Gold Beauty Oil. The organic quality oil used is cold-pressed to ensure that the active ingredients are not lost in the process.

Our Liquid Fold Well-Aging Serum is enriched with cactus pear oil, magnolia extract and argan oil. Magnolia extract evens out the complexion and reduces pigmentary abnormalities. Oleic acid found in argan oil helps the active ingredients to penetrate the skin better and improves the absorption of these components.

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