How Our Toners Will Help Brighten Your Day

How Our Toners Will Help Brighten Your Day

Did you know, that our toners can improve your mood and is a practical ally during summer?


The Toner Effect: Mood-uplifting & Harmonious

We only utilise the purest floral water of the highest organic quality when it comes to our range of toners. These hydrosols contain water-soluble active ingredients that refresh your skin and have a positive effect on your wold of emotions. They can be used to uplift the mood, enhance relaxation and much more.

Find out more about the aromatherapeutic effect our toners possess and how you use them individually.

Calming Chamomile:

  • calming effects, as the name suggests
  • relaxing properties
  • suitable as a pillow spray - a gentle sleep aid for young and old
  • must-have ally during summer as an after-sun spray and works wonders on sunburn

Orange Blossom:

  • mood-enhancing effects
  • counteracts the feeling of fear
  • banishes depressive moods
  • for a bright, lively mood

Rock Rose - Lavender:

  • relaxing properties thanks to lavender
  • eases nervousness & inner restlessness
  • rock rose has balancing effects
  • relaxing, soothing and balancing effects on the mind
  • close your eyes and take a quick spritz that will transport your senses to the lavender fields in Provence

Everlasting - Rose:

  • rose has an exhilarating effect
  • harmonises feelings
  • stimulates the senses
  • relaxing, harmonising and inspiring effects
  • strengthens the nerves & warms the soul

Must have for summer

During summer, the toners supply the skin with needed moisture and refreshment. Therefore, we suggest always having a bottle at hand for an instant and refreshing boost. Furthermore, the toners can be used for a quick cleanse: simply spray on and wipe dry with a cloth.

The Toner Calming Chamomile works its magic on sunburned skin by soothing redness. So, have your toner ready as an instant mood, enhancer, relaxing vibes and beautiful skin!

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